The Nitgen eNBioaccess-T1 biometric terminal, allows control Access of users via mobile device, fingerprint and RFID technology by a previous installation of Software Access Manager Professional.The Nitgen Biometric terminal with bluetooth provides the possibility to control the access of the user by the mobile device through Bluetooth.


Features -


  • Total control over the access with Capacity for 10,000 biometric users.
  • 1st rank in FVC(Fingerprint Verification Competition)
  • Various Card Option (125kHz EM, HID, 13.56MHz Mifare, HID(Felica, iClass, CEPAS)
  • Biometric identification of superior quality.
  • Superior Matching Engine
  • IP65 protection. Dust and water proof
  • Smartphones become the access keys. Auto matching between the terminal and smartphone



System Configuration


Access Manager Pro Server1

Mobile Key Solution

  • Smartphone becomes the access keys
  • Auto matching between the terminal and Smartphone
  • Total control over the access
  • Bluetooth Communication
  • Remote key sending
  • Only defined users can access for a set period of time

Access Manager Professional Time & Attendance Device Integration Software

(Time & Attendance Device Integration Software)


  • Automatic management and monitoring in real time up to 2,000 terminals at the same time by server
  • Time zone function can be set per  each terminal and user as a access right
  • Password data is encrypted as AES encryption
  • Privilege management of manager ID can be granted by mixed way using 18 conditions
  • All functions (User Management, Group Management, Terminal Management, Authentication Management)
  • Tracing all transactions on the Server System