Personal GPS Tracker

Personal GPS Tracker India

Personal GPS Tracker is a device that works as a storehouse for all the information related to the movement of your own people. A personal GPS Tracker by BlackBox GPS Technology is used to track people you care for with the help of GPS/GPRS technology on a computer or mobile phone.

  • Location: It gives real time location of the Person carrying TRACKER on your desktop or mobile whenever you require.
  • Stoppages: Information on the stoppages made by the person carrying TRACKER on any given point of time.
  • Battery Alert to Owner: You can check the battery status of each TRACKER and also they get a sms if the battery is about to discharge.
  • Route Playback: You can check the route travelled by your own people and hence find out which places they have actually travelled.
  • Auto Answering: By making a call to the TRACKER, you will be able to communicate one way with the person carrying the device.
  • Battery Back Up: 12 Hours