Aadhaar Products

eNBioScan C1 – STQC Certified Fingerprint Scanner

✓ Certified for Authentication projects

✓ Elegant design with adjustable finger guide

✓ Scratch resistant with long life

✓ Windows, Linux & Android compatible

✓ Used in several Banking & Government projects


UGR86 is a USB GPS Receiver, which can be connected to USB supportive systems. 

 Features of UGR86:-

✓ Connection with any normal USB from any system

✓ Plug and Play

✓ Real Time Location wherever this device is plugged in USB

✓ Robust design with ABS body

✓ Compact size (Easy to carry)


✓ Fingerprint Scanner Certified for Aadhaar Enrollment projects

✓ Suitable for Police & AFIS projects

✓ Used in over 1000 Passport Offices in India 

✓ Elimination of Latent Prints

✓ Used in over 7 States for Aadhaar enrollment

Thales (Gemalto) 3MCogent CS500E

Product Information –

Easy to learn.

User-friendly system that captures rolled and flat fingerprints.

The software guides the operator through the capture process with on-screen prompts and graphical displays..

Supports flat and/or rolled capture capabilities.

Automatic calibration and table updates.

Preformatted data fields based on predefined lists.

CIS 202 Cogent

Simultaneous dual iris capture

IP 54 rating, optional IP 65 hardened housing available

Unaffected by ambient lighting

Adjustable interpupillary distance

Compliant with NIST SAP Level 40


Iris Scanners

         Single Iris -

         On-board processing and matching

Iritech Irishield MK 2120UL Single USB Iris Scanner for Aadhaar Authentication


✓ NIST-proven extremely accurate iris matching algorithm

✓ STQC certified

✓ Internal gallery: 1,000 iris templates (500 IDs)

✓ Tamper-proof

✓ Supported interface connections: USB, UART

✓ Supported OS’s: Android/ Windows/ WinCE/ Linux/ eLinux/ Mac/ proprietary OS/ non-OS system

Dual Iris Scanner -

CMITech Dual Iris Scanner, Iris Scanner, Retina Scanner, Eye Scanner, Biometric Eye Scanner, ड्यूल आईआरआईएस स्कैनर - Foxbase Technologies P Limited, Bengaluru | ID: 20426200173

✓ State-of-the-art optical design

✓ Single sensor design

✓ The long internal optical path

✓ Dedicated, onboard image processor supports very high speed, simultaneous capture of subject’s irises

✓ Extended depth of field

✓ Wide inter-pupillary distance tolerance

✓ All solid-state design—no moving parts

✓ Meets IP64 specifications for particulate intrusion prevention

✓ The near-real-time off-axis gaze detection